Are your dentures over 5 years old?
Are they loose and do not adhere to your gums as well as they use to?
Do you have problems eating with them, have they yellowed over time, or do they cause you discomfort or pain?
Are you satisfied with your appearance or do they make your face look older?

Paulina Zelazny DD.

Since being licenced in 2003, I specialize in the design, fabrication, insertion and adjustment of all removable dentures as well as implant retained or supported dentures. I work directly with you to meet individual needs, to maintain the comfort of your dentures and provide you with the best oral health possible.

We are Proud Members

Denturists Association of Ontario
In good standing with the College of Denturists of Ontario


Our Products and Services

• Free Consultation
• Full &Partial Dentures
• Immediate Dentures
• Implant Supported Dentures
• Teeth Whitening & Mouth Guards Available
• Same Day Repairs
• Additions & relines

Our Competitive Edge

• Dentist on Premises for Full Range of Services
• New Patients welcome
• Wheelchair Accessible
• High Level of Quality
• We Use Only the Highest Quality Materials
• Dentures “So Natural” Looking That You “Never Know the Difference”



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